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  Mallory and Irvine Books, DVD, And VHS

Wildest Dream: Biography Of George Mallory
  Chronicles all 3 of Mallory's Everest expeditions; illuminates how Mallory reconciled his ambitions on Everest with his family life; how the mystery of Mallory continues to capture the public's imagination MNH114 ...
Second Death Of George Mallory
  Reinhold Messner explores the death of George Mallory and gives us a deep homage to the mountain, to the spirit of an ...
Lost Explorer: Finding Mallory On Everest
  Conrad Anker's own story of how he found the body of George Mallory on Mt Everest on May 1, 1999, and how he arrived at his conclusion ...
Lost On Everest: Search For Mallory & Irvine
  Explores the events leading up to Mallory & Irvine's historic attempt to reach the summit, giving a dramatic, ...
Mystery Of Mallory & Irvine
  Tom Holzel & Audrey Salkeld An exploration of mountaineering's greatest ... 1995; and changes to those conclusions in light of the 1999 discovery of Mallory's body 368pp/photos 898867266 MNH108 ...
Everest: Mystery Of Mallory & Irvine-video
  Video of the NOVA show on PBS, produced by David Breashears and Andrew Harvard, takes a fascinating look at Mallory & Irvine's courageous attempt to be the first to climb Mt Everest, ...
Last Climb (Breashears & Salkeld)
  Lavishly illustrated account of the ill-fated 1924 attempt by George Mallory & Andrew Irvine to be the first to summit Everest. Also includes an account of the recent, sensational discovery of Mallory's mummified remains, plus rare never-before-publishedarchival ...
Fearless On Everest: The Quest For Sandy Irvine
  Sandy Irvine has always been overshadowed by his more famous climbing partner, Mallory. Little had been written about him until now. Who was he? Why was ...
Climbing Everest: Tales Of Triumph & Tragedy
  A book for children ages 10 and up. Has accounts of 6 famous ascents of Everest: Mallory's disappearance; Hillary & Norgay's summit; the first summit from ...
High: Stories Of Survival From Everest & K2
  Excerpts from several out-of-print mountaineering classics as well as modern epics, including such authors as Mallory, Norgay, Bonatti, Bonington, Haber, Dickson & many more 320pp ...
Greatest Climbing Stories Ever Told
  Describes some of the epic adventures that have culminated in disaster or near disaster-from the continuing mystery of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine to the story of three middle-aged women from ...
Lost Explorer - audio
  Audio version of the book, our stock #MNH104. Story of the discovery of George Mallory on Mt Everest TNH019 ...
Found On Everest - Video
  This video reveals the inside story of the 2001 Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition (also see the book, Detectives On ...
Found On Everest - DVD
  This digital video disk reveals the inside story of the 2001 Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition (also see the book, Detectives On ...

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